Samsara Safari Camp,

Located next to the jungle river, we offer exclusive tropical safari experience to our valued guests. Their stay will be filled with natural thrills and wild landscapes combined with abundant wildlife and indigenous cultural ambiance. We have four local style huts with seven nicely furnished bedrooms, with private verandas, looking out to bird & butterfly friendly garden!

We deliver a truly unique blend of global and local taste into glocal cuisine with homely facilities. We ensure your stay with us be joyful and your experience beautiful. We perform to exceed your expectations as a responsible host who care for the local community and nature conservation. Our team is ecology conscious and the camp structure is ecologically inspired. 

“It is no longer the survival of the fittest,
           But the Survival of the Compassionate”-

  -Terry Tempest Williams, Nature Reader

Safari Camp


Indulge Yourself into Wilderness!

The Safari camp is located by the bank of the River bordering Bardia National Park. The park is one of the least explored nature parks in Nepal. Wildlife is abundant and this is the only park in the world where you can see Bengal tiger while on a stroll in the park.


The Wildlife


Experience Symbiotic Park

Bardiya National Park, with vegetation raging from tropical savannah in the southern part to the subtropical in the middle and temperate vegetation in the north, has been lauded as one of the symbiotically richest natural parks in the world by UNESCO conservationists.




Into Thrilling Tropical Jungle

This section of Bardiya National Park is tropical symbiotic habitat. For this reason diverse species of birds and wildlife can be spotted within small area of the park. Samsara Safari’s naturalists lead you into the unexplored area of the park, where jungle thrills are waiting.