Biodiversity and conservation initiatives in Bardia National Park are aimed at maintaining the rich diversity of flora and fauna. The local community and Tharu children are an integral part of all local projects. Without the support of local communities, the park systems would eventually erode. Children are schooled and encouraged to be considerate of the fragile ecosystems that sustain endangered species.

Conservation and education is critical if we are to preserve the forest for future generations.

Local crafts
We use a wide variety of local craftspeople for a huge range of different jobs and items around the lodge. As well as the construction and thatching of the buildings themselves, we purchase locally woven rugs, mats, bamboo furniture, rope & string, and also ornamental objects. A gift shop is planned from which all proceeds will go directly to the craftspeople involved.

Conservation Projects
There are a number of ongoing conservation and development projects at the park, but the preservation of bio-diversity is our priority. Park management and other authorities have implemented a number of interventions within the park, and we’ll be happy to tell you about these on your arrival. We organize conservation awareness initiatives at local community level in coordination with the Conservation Organizations.