Nepal Birding Trek Safari

Prem organized a wonderful holiday birdwatching and trekking with Bishnu (Raj) as our guide in April 2013. Bishnu took us to Chitwan and organized a superb trip where everything was expertly looked after. We were delighted to see over 220 species of birds, many insects, reptiles and other animals including several White Rhinoceros and Crocodiles. After 5 days at Chitwan, Bishnu toured us around historic areas of Kathmandu and Patan. Following that we did a 7 day trek to Langtang National Park and saw many different species of birds, monkeys, gaurs, yaks, deer, and numerous other types of wildlife. We tracked two Ibisbills for an afternoon on a broad gravel floodplain that extended for miles. Bishnu somehow was able to find the camouflaged birds for us amongst miles of grey stones. He is adept at finding and identifying birds and wildlife and is an absolute pleasure to be with. He was a wonderful host – funny, knowledgeable, organized, professional and we were very pleased with the service that he and his company provided for us. We would highly recommend this company and we look forward to a return trip there with them to see some other National Parks. Jeff and Kath Ward, Victoria BC, Canada
Jeff and Kath Ward,
Victoria BC Canada

Nepal Birding Adventure

In Nov / Dec of 2013, we arranged a 14 day birding adventure through Prem of Nepal Bird Guide. The trip was very well organized and, with Bishnu as our guide, it was an extremely enjoyable experience. We visited Bardia, Lumbini (birth place of Buddha), Chitwan, Pokhara and some areas in the Kathmandu Valley. Our trip started with a flight from Kathmandu to Bardia in the far west and then we traveled by private transport to the other locations on the way back to Kathmandu. Bishnu is a great spotter and very good at identification. It was a joy to work with him to identify some of the smaller, difficult to see species like warblers. We managed to see over 230 bird species, along with many other animals such as rhinoceros, crocodile, elephant, four species of deer, wild boar, fresh water dolphin, mongoose, along with many other small creatures and insects. Although we saw much evidence of tiger, we were not able to get a glimpse of one on this trip. Bishnu was a wonderful host with a great sense of humour, very professional, and provided us with a tremendous amount of information about Nepal. We thoroughly enjoyed his company. We would highly recommend Nepal Bird Guide, and Bishnu as a guide, for birding trips in Nepal and will certainly use them again if the opportunity arises for another birding adventure in that part of the world. We were surprised that Nepal is not more well known as a birding destination – it should be!
David Swain / Jane Tillotson,
Nelson, BC, Canada

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