Samsara Safari Camp is established with the view of filling your stay with the richness of wild nature and the Tharu ethnic culture. The Camp offers comfortable accommodation with hygienic food in serene atmosphere. Built in local Tharu style architect, the camp is Eco-friendly. It is run by local naturalists who have been working in the field since 1999; and staffed with well-trained locals. Samsara safari management reaches local youth with a positive message of nature conservation and eco-tourism. The camp is located by the bank of a river bordering the park which offers chances of viewing animal from the garden. The camp garden is designed to attract various species of birds and butterfly.

What to Bring with You

To help you make most out of the safari from your visit we suggest you bring along light walking shoes, flip-flops, a pair of binoculars, camera swimming gear, sunhat, sun lotion, insect repellent, personal medicine, flashlight, extra batteries and films or memory cards, above all natural coloured clothes with long sleeves shirts and trousers.

Tropical Climate: The Summer, in southern part of Bardia National Park, is  warm and hot. The minimum temperature is 24 in the night to 37/39 degree Celsius during the day. And the Winter is not cold in the tropical jungle, yet the morning can be chilling. The minimum temperature is 10 in the morning, maximum 25  degree Celsius, during the day.

Please feel free to Contact Us for tailoring the choices of your safari trip!

How to Reach Samsara Safari Camp:

Flight to Nepalgunj

Drive to Ambassa