This charming resort is NOT your average camp but more a garden bungalow retreat!
Prem (jack of all trades) is backed by a fantastically enthusiastic hard working team of mostly local village assistants.
With just 4 semi’s of thatched roof bungalows set in a flower bedded shaded garden, it is the perfect relaxed venue to return to after an exciting wildlife safari in Bardia N.P. in western Nepal. All meals are taken with other guests but prepared for individual taste and some surprisingly inventive variations of standard dishes.
Pasters and noodles support the excellently prepared rice dishes and dal (lentils) are always available. I wont mention the delectable lemon/orange sauce on frittered banana with local honey as it makes me dribble!!
Our safari’s resulted in hundreds of bird species including the infamous “Great Hornbill” and five woodpeckers. Any birder or like us bird lover will be in heaven outside camp equally as when in. It was the last (of 5 days) before we found the elusive Bengal Tiger after a short hike that began with a knee high wade across the wide river – lucky the rains were at their lowest and sunshine was constant every day. I highly recommend min. 4 or 5 day stay which you will never regret.
Our most exciting day was after a very short walk from the Gypsy truck to a tributary to discover the unique Asian one horned rhinoceros bathing in full view well after Prem did his jungle book impression to bend away an overhanging branch to enable e full photo shot. I could continue praising this venue but feel it better to say you will not have a more enjoyable stay when looking for wildlife in natural surroundings set in a typical Nepalian village of socially happy inhabitants. I have travelled the world to view wildlife so have authority to say at the TOP of my list. So heaven is not far away!

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